Plan A Day Without Hate at your High School


photo of Day Without Hate Students

Use this timeline to help you reach key milestones and have a successful event.

Talking Points

photo of Day Without Hate Students

Use this document to present the idea to your school's administration, student council, peace club or other organization that might sponsor the event.

Suggested Activities

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photo of students creating lettersCreate a station where students can write to someone apologizing for something, thanking them ... just getting something off their mind and out in the open. Some schools have just purchased a large block of construction paper and some markers and opened up a table for students to write to one another. Then, as soon as possible after DWOH, deliver these letters to keep the spirit of DWOH alive. We've seen this activity literally repair friendships right in front of our eyes.

photo of students in hallwayRight before the bell rings for each class, get on the school intercom and challenge people to do something peaceful during passing period say hello to five people you don't know, give three people a hug, high five everyone you see, etc. Make things even better by playing happy, hopeful music over the intercom during passing periods.

photo of student group    photo of students hugging

This is one of the hallmarks of Day Without Hate. Transform the environment by hanging posters with messages of peace and nonviolence in your school. Some schools make as many as 500 posters. The idea is to change the environment of your building so that it feels different on DWOH. See this document for ideas on what to write.

photo of hanging posters    photo of student creating poster

photo of student greeting each otherAt the beginning of the day, greet students as they walk into the building with Hershey's Hugs and Kisses to start the day right. Playing music at the front of the building makes things even more festive.

photo of students writing on posterHave students sign long pieces of butcher paper spread out in various places throughout the school with their commitments to make a change in their school. Display the posters after Day Without Hate to remind people about what they promised to do.

As a DWOH committee, plan a project that allows your school to feel the impact of DWOH. Projects from previous years have varied wildly. Some schools have made a giant puzzle from cardboard and butcher paper that was assembled during a schoolwide assembly. We've also seen a gigantic Peace Train, a peace mural on the side of a school, a Peace Tree where each felt leaf represented a different student in the school. Use our ideas or create your own.

photo of students assembling puzzle    photo of peace puzzle

photo of students drawingOne year, we collected the old 6th class photos from all our elementary schools and hung them in one area of the high school. The idea was to remember a time when things felt much simpler. People spent the whole day pouring over the photos to look at everyone when they were little. It really united the school.

photo of memorial posterIt's important to remember why we're doing Day Without Hate. Create an area to remember the victims of school shootings. We made a slideshow with a brief biography of those who died at Columbine, Virginia Tech, and Sandy Hook.

This is important to do a few days before Day Without Hate. Display a poster in your school with a list of victims of school shootings to remind your classmates why DWOH is so important. Many schools hang a sign over this list that says, "Why We Wear White."

photo of Why We Wear White poster    photo of Why We Wear White poster

photo of students creating bannerWe sell official banners on our t-shirt website that you can have students in your school sign and pledge their commitment to creating a school without hate.

Create and sell ribbons. We created Virginia Tech/Columbine ribbons and sold them for 50 cents. You can give the proceeds to the Never Forgotten Fund, which is a scholarship fund established in the memory of the people who died during the shooting at Columbine.

screenshot of Facebook with Day Without Hate activitiesChallenge your classmates to take pics and use a DWOH hashtag unique to your school.

Challenge students to create and post short videos where they tell friends, "You matter to me."

Anti-bullying Curriculum and Presenters

Click here for links to suggestions for anti-bullying/nonviolence curriculum.

Many schools want to have DWOH Assemblies. Click here for our recommendations.