Day Without Hate Resources


One of the best ways to get your school to buy in to Day Without Hate is to show people videos from other schools. Check out our collection below.

During Day Without Hate, our students created a video to help show who we are here at Everitt. The video demonstrates the struggles people face and how we differ from those around us. We completed an activity called the "I Am" wall to show these individual characteristics, and have posted the wall in the main hallway for everyone to see. We are Everitt, and this is us! Song in the video is "This is Me" from the movie The Greatest Showman.

Students at Dakota Ridge High School describe their reasons for celebrating Day Without Hate. This video features several clips of the 2017 celebration and rally, and ends with a challenge to the students from the presenters: "What are you going to do to change the world?" Read the full story here.

This music video set to Sara Bareilles' "Brave" (Read Lyrics) embodies everything Day Without Hate is about. It tells three visual stories of students helping others to lead lives full of peace and joy. (Featured school: Chatfield Senior High)

This short film demonstrates the power of going out of your way to reach out to your classmates. High school students will really connect to this video.
(Featured school: Eaton HS)

This music video features students in elementary, middle and high school promoting the values of Day Without Hate and how one day can lead to a lifetime without hate. They wear white shirts and hand out white balloons to various students. Finally they release the balloons into the air. The song "Our Last Days" by The Fray plays in the background. (Read Lyrics) (Featured community: Dakota Ridge)

The "I am" wall transformed this K-8 school. It was born from Day Without Hate, and it's an idea we hope catches on at many other schools across the nation. Students post various words describing what they are on a large wall, demonstrating the diversity and inclusion of everyone at the school. (Featured school: Bear Creek K-8)

This video is a great way of promoting Day Without Hate at the elementary level. It shows students and staff members walking together in white DWOH shirts to show their commitment to nonviolence and peace in their school. At the end of the video, the students and staff display a Day Without Hate poster they created, and ask others to wear white. An instrumental version of the song "One Day" by artist Matisyahu plays in the background.
(Featured school: We're not sure! Contact us if you know!)

Students at this school demonstrate great ways to make Day Without Hate a reality in the lunchroom, at recess, and in the classroom. The song "One Day" by artist Matisyahu plays in the background. (Read Lyrics) The students act out several situations, such as inviting someone to sit with you at lunch, standing up for your friends, helping those who have been hurt, and more.
(Featured school: Peck Elementary)

This video features Matisyahu singing an acoustic version of the unofficial anthem of Day Without Hate, "One Day." (Read Lyrics) Interspliced with the music video are photos and bios of the victims of the school shootings at Columbine High and Virginia Tech. Towards the end, the sad images are replaced with hopeful photos of DWOH posters. This is a great video to help promote DWOH.
(Created by: Green Mountain HS)

This simple video was created by a student to promote DWOH at his school in 2012. Set to instrumental music, it writes out the various reasons this school wore white on Day Without Hate. We hope it inspires you!
(Featured school: Dakota Ridge HS)

This slideshow, set to instrumental music, shows commitments from elementary school students to promote nonviolence, respect, and unity in their school. It features numerous posters and signs that the students wrote, such as "spread kindness" and "don't be a bully". The slideshow ends with a paper chain the students made, each link featuring a different written message from the students. (Featured school: Peiffer Elementary)


Anti-Bullying/Nonviolence Curriculum

We've complied a list of what we consider some of the best ideas for how schools can eliminate bullying and educate students about the power of nonviolence.

  1. PeaceJam - This curriculum educates kids about the impact Nobel Peace Laureates have had on their communities in order to inspire students to action in their schools.

  2. Jeffco’s School Without Hate - This program (developed by Jefferson County’s Student Health Advisory Council) is an easy way to get schools talking about issues related to bullying.

  3. The Ned Show – Aimed at elementary-aged kids, this site is loaded with lesson plans and activities geared around never giving up and encouraging others.

  4. No Place for Hate - Organized by the Anti-Defamation League, this program helps promote diversity and acceptance to help create a positive climate and culture in your school.

  5. The Ophelia Project - This program’s  mission is to empower all members of a community to recognize and address relational aggression through systemic change in the social culture.

  6. National Bullying Prevention Center - This organization has tons of classroom activities and toolkits to help change your school.